Friday, March 4, 2011

Cashing Reality Checks...Making Sound Effects..PT.3

In a state of emergency like Libya?  red and yellow lights were flashing....we were told to proceed with caution!

What's said?  Wiz dropped the black and yellow; but Steeler fans are no longer flashing...once geeked up; mellow vibes were clashing ...whose chilling? whose lashing out?  its still the same space were lost in!

Some Wikileaked so they can keep stashing paper; to make mortgage payments and car notes!

We streaked across the galaxy like the Discovery Space Shuttle;  studied the Dark Mystery Of Time and Space..will we make it with these beats and quotes?Actually we already have!! but unlike Gaddafi.....the bankroll is not phat!

Cashing reality checks and making sound effects!! its phat and all that!

Clashing with titans; casualties collected from the front line; "one call that's all" for that; will litigation help?

Smashing opponents when we enlighten the masses!! the situation is critical; now who will call for help?

Whose rationing components or parts needed to make the machine run?

Irrational when I bring this? please!! the train of thought is rolling!!  were up on it!! on the scene; these brothas are not done! 

International with this!! though right now I'm making a run down I-20 in Atlanta...listening to Stanley Turrentine's Sugar; please!! WCLK was jamming!

Actually? I'm on that intergalactic tip...out beyond Pluto...but on earth the Mothership is landing!

The hoopties stranding me here; so like the Judge Mathis intro a bruh is trying to make do!

All up in the spot..get down get down like Kool and the Gangs Jungle Boogie!! act like knew as we make it do what it do!

They asked me what I'm going through? told them don't worry about it..but  please!! society disrespects!!

But we proceed and continue...cashing these reality checks and making sound effects...

To a higher power a bruh else could I make it?

During the last hour or last chapter some will get called out for trying to fake it..

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