Sunday, August 20, 2023

Peace Is Disturbed, It Wouldn't Be Still!! (Part Seven)

Sunday Jazz Continues, I even had an O-Dog Day Party version, at your service when we're swerving with this! 

The saga / struggle continues, we'll play on even though we had our ups and down!! the game's not over like it appears to be for Ron DeSantis!

It's a blessing to be here, taking it there!! but opposition is met as peace is disturbed it wouldn't be still! actually?  it's expected as  these ideologies clash 

A lot of stress out here!! Sunday Jazzing / O-Dog Day Partying earlier providing the medicine, we keep riding!! y'all should know by now we're "alley or street"  with it but we're trying to chill not acting rash!!

Peace is disturbed it wouldn't be still, even though Rev. James Cleveland had a song about it!

During Sunday Morning service some choir may have even sang that song, but I doubt it! 

The new school has taken over, I even heard somebody say something about some Holy Hip Hop!! I ain't mad at them! greetings were extended, they said welcome to your future!

The next school soon taking over? artificial intelligence is making a presence so are tender mercies expected or will it all be to the devil's delight? The next fool will be out here disturbing the peace, now it won't be still!! some are ready to break north some will even go back to the future! The next tool will be out here disturbing the peace, now it won't be still!! plus they're showing a lot of brouhaha, maybe they'll get it right!

I doubt it; peace is disturbed it wouldn't be still! wreaking havoc like Tropical Storm Hilary on the West Coast?

We're still going all out for it, word from these Freedom Riders 2.0 going for what we know but still chilling, not trying to do "the most". 

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