Tuesday, February 28, 2023

Critical Stages / In The Meantime Or Between Time PT. 2


On this so called Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way I'm chilling out, just enjoying the moment of solitude. 

Caught up in a moment of time per critical stages of development playing it like Simon and Garfunkel with the sounds of silence, now check the attitude!

Enjoying peace within, no justice or peace externally per dealing with these earthlings / heathens  so who's working with me?  feeling the soulful depths?

Please! in the meantime and between time I see how these jokers are trying to work things; the eloquence of sinners? I wasn't impressed. 

At the end of the day they want to see us stressed out, feeling the pressure during these critical stages!

In the meantime and between time? we're chilling out at the moment but soon we'll be ready to move forward, turning pages. 
In  the meantime and between time? my mind engages in this and that task, you can say we're working it all out!
Chilling out so rage is not a factor, or else it'll be like the frontlines in Bakhmut  Ukraine like the group called Wagner trying to wreak havoc, going all out! 

Enjoying  this Tuesday morning sunrise, after making Heatwave mind blowing decisions last night amongst moonlight reflections. 
Earlier? our demons were screaming / buking / scorning amongst debating circumstances, being built or torn down / disrespected?
Bright lights are beaming welcoming us to this last day of February 2023 but we're still in Pisces Season!! enjoying the pleasant vibes,  we appreciate them. 
Energized during these critical stages, soon turning pages /  soon reaching epic heights, in the meantime and between time working towards fulfillment / achievement!

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