Monday, February 20, 2023

A Soul Thing ♫ Funky & Disco House House Mix ♫ 2023

 Digital Crate Digging Continues as we proceed and continue with this Music Monday edition; O-Dog Day Partying will also be involved!

The saga / struggle continues, true indeed even on this Presidents Day holiday the world keeps on turning and the fire keeps on burning and per fireman's lingo it's fully involved!!

I was already staying on point / on guard per lights blinking on the instrument panel; soon the mothership crashed on earth, but I'm stepping out unscathed from the wreckage...

...or splatter; now reflecting / thinking what really matters? knowing I need to purge myself of some things but I'm asking where's my baggage?

Somehow I'll manage, soothed by this music plus you can hear my earthly shouting in this poetry! 

 Some said stories on his skin are told, they say they can see what I'm saying as they act  like they know me.

 Truth be told? some of them can see what I'm saying especially with this O-Dog Day Partying as we come through with A Soul Thing ♫ Funky & Disco House House Mix ♫ 2023 courtesy of DJ Groove!

Check out a playlist and the mix, as we proceed / continue to stay on the move!!

01. Happy Gutenberg - Let Me Blow Your Mind 

02. HP Vince, Joey Chicago - Give Me Your Love 

03. Dirty Channels - Make You Cry 

04. Tim Deluxe - It Just Won't Do 

05. Harry Bolton - All About House (Tom Brownlow Disco) 

06. Simon Kennedy - Be Once Crazy Love 

07. Ghostbusterz - Fakin A Holiday 

08. Supafly - Moving Too Fast (Northwest) 

09. Block & Crown, Mickey Telussa - Feels Good

10. Mike Newman, Antoine Cortez - Miss Your Love 

11. Boris Dlugosch - Keep Pushin (Purple Disco Machine Vox) 

12. Amanda Wilson, Waterstone - It's Over Now (Micky More & Andy Tee) 

13. Sandy B - Make The World Go Round (Solsonik Re-Styling) 

14. Bobby & Steve feat. Johnnie Fiori - You Will Survive (Dr Packer) 

15. Yam Who, Thurteen - Date Night (Qwestlife Boogie)


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