Sunday, February 26, 2023

Louie Vega - Africa / Brasil (Isolee Dawn Mix)

 Sunday Jazz Continues check us out as we rock these venues from Atlanta to Louisville  / Newburg to London and Johannesburg and on out to Pluto and Mars! 

The saga  / struggle continues, local  / national  / international and intergalactic is the how we handle this business shining like stars!  

We're moving forward, some said being nosy, out here catching a scent of dreams. 

We're creating our own narrative! tales of reaching epic heights is what it seems! 

Some are hating said we’re joining other teams in the mystery of names never spoken. 

Not debating them, like my Terrible  / Terrific Tuesday concept it can go either way if it’s a hidden transformation. 

 Now check the situation; we're checking out some future jazz / house music / world music from Louie Vega  with a track called Africa / Brasil (Isolee Dawn Mix). 

I told you what the deal was earlier so who's gonna work with Brotha O? I'm just out here getting breakbeat scientific!! 


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