Thursday, May 6, 2021

It’s All Game! Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Four)

 It’s all game plus these jokers keep changing the rules so govern yourself accordingly.. I borrow a line from the old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville on this Throwback Thursday; not following the advice? out of order is how you’ll be.. Trump not allowed back on Facebook, up in Louisville / Newburg I was face to face with a crook or two because that’s how they do!

Beats bump no mistakes allowed per Eric B and Rakim when we’re O-Dog Day Partying per O-Dizzle's hook lines and his own beats per the street funk; this is what it do!

These are the breaks per Curtis Blow as we go for what we know! it's a Thankful Thursday per it's great being here but we stay on point realizing  it’s all game... they keep changing the rules; this pandemic has changed some fools! can’t blame the player blame the game!

 It's all game but we'll continue to get breakbeat scientific! how? it's like milk or flowers can be a Carnation!

It's all game!! O-Dog a beat breaker and O-Zone a bizarre storyteller? excuse me but it's me with a last hour reincarnation! Some stories told without a word, subtle / non-verbal is how it occurred! some are confused heard asking what in tarnation? I even gave empty goodbyes! Territories hostile? it's all game plus they'll change the rules!! Joe Biden mentioned bipartisanship but Mitch McConnell said surprise!!

I’m leaving, will the hate ever subside? your dude is ready to ride firing up the mothership blasting off from this runway on I-20 in Atlanta!!

Intergalactic! catch me out beyond Pluto and Mars showing Perseverance like the Rover until the game is over; somebody will understand a brotha!!

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