Sunday, May 2, 2021

It’s All Game: Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Two)

 It’s like we’re at a construction site; but our we being built or torn down?

A debatable circumstance, corruption at the site due to shade tree mechanics? it’s all game, crooks haven’t turned the level of scorn down!

Plus those that are in power will change the rules changing fools like Trump inspiring the insurrection. 

...on January 6th now jokers will plead the fifth but like in Maricopa County Arizona Cyber Ninjas still try to count votes; soon coming to your section?

It's all game, but what's our reaction? O-Zone will get breakbeat scientific but accused of being a bootleg scientist in the underworld of invention. The apparatus will change the rules like GOP voter suppression , but during a session we'll drop mathematics / engineering even biology and even other sciences unknown! Check the status on this Sunday morning; no weapons formed shall prosper per Isaiah 54 :17 so devils are prone to take a loss, it’s bad luck with those features! We're back with like I said getting breakbeat scientific, plus I’m always on defense battling otherworldly creatures!

The old school Baptist preacher up in Louisville said just keep living soon dealing with victories and defeats!

It’s all game was my interpretation, that’s the deal knowing that it’s rough out here in these streets!

It's All Game!! plus they keep changing the rules changing fools but the street code is still followed.. these dudes keeping the same attitudes / Keeping That Same Old Feeling per Side Effect so jokers will have to show respect: per Eric B and Rakim no mistakes are allowed!!

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