Sunday, May 30, 2021

I Wasn’t Feeling It ( Part Seven)

 I’m bearing witness to the many blessings from the Lord  that are received on this Sunday morning!

It’s a blessing to be here to see it, now we have another chance to be it due to the anointing! 

I know, being realistic? some people aren’t feeling it due to the disappointing Ways Of The World mentioned by Earth Wind and Fire!

It’ll show as some go ballistic per the increase in gun violence plus things are out of balance from Covid 19 in India to the violence in the Gaza Strip to here in Atlanta; maybe somebody will understand a Brotha that’s trying to inspire!

But I heard what was said; a joker said I wasn’t feeling it plus they said it’s all game...

... plus they said the apparatus will change the rules then they’ll change their minds and find some fools to blame!

Had to admit; checked the status and I didn't like how some things went down, I wasn’t feeling it but I’m up in here! things taking a toll? some say a dude is a weatherworn effigy! ...whose style is old school like it’s a Throwback Thursday or Flashback Friday! Check the style, this good word is dropped but others say an old fool with the drunken gibberish! Per being breakbeat scientific we drop the funk with this; intelligent design? Lost his mind? is that what the deal is?

If I wasn’t feeling it? this is the response to it as we keep fighting back!

We’re still launching off from this universal runway out here in Atlanta out on I-20 bringing this insight back!

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