Monday, May 24, 2021

It’s All Game! Plus They Keep Changing The Rules (Part Nine)

 As we take a look around on this Monday morning we’re jumping / recognizing that it’s all game!

...Plus they keep changing the rules, pundits and experts said the pandemic was changing fools! like I said it’s all game!

Y’all will even try to blame a dude like me when I’m over here in a remote outpost out off of I-20 in Atlanta “minding and tending”. this breakbeat scientific; scientific like trying to get Americans vaccinated but with this good word issues are debated plus beats we’re blending!

Blind faith is sending some out there to conquer the world, it’s all game but it led to infidelities and submission.

I told you the system keeps changing the rules as some levitate then fell / fail; now Going In Circles like the Gap Band, woozy due to the mission! It’s all game plus they keep changing the rules, now others are trying to remove the shackles as naysayers heckle! Trying to move on, times they are changing per Bob Dylan!! fighting back like a back in the day Marvin Hagler trying to forget the spectacle!

Trying to move on but the world is cold even though the temperature is supposed to reach 90 degrees here in Atlanta; back in the way? please! check how we put it down, now futuristic and classic materials combine; check the by product!

It’s all game plus they keep changing the rules but this futuristic mystic gets it in but under trial, like it's  from those that are questioning my conduct!

....Admitting that I usually don't conduct myself in an orderly fashion; rules are broken!

Jokers aren't usually checking for me anyway; low key / quiet is kept, only the truth is spoken!

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