Sunday, December 20, 2020

We’re Hitting Them Up (Part Ten)

 We’re hitting them up again like  dropping Sunday morning type of science in different venues.. interrupted by Covid 19 protocols though some took their issues To the Supreme Court ; our mission? we didn’t abort! The saga / struggle continues!

Daydreams keep dancing in my head, dreaming of better times on the regular/ daily Plots and schemes rebuked; similar to Trump overturning the election ? devil dancing? We’re hitting them up with the the Sonic Assault on the regular / daily

Breakbeat Scientific covering all aspects no specialist subject! No need for an advanced degree Night time audience? even did a waltz for the moon, intergalactic residents will see me Right time for a voyage? I’m Gone! See you soon is was what I told those constituents so now I’m back down to earth!

Trying to encourage, we’re hitting them up with positivity rebuking the negativity that’s on the earth!

Trying to work with this Great Conjunction will be function as Jupiter and Saturn meet in Aquarius..

We’re hitting them up with this breakbeat science letting me people know we’ll deal that and this!

We’re hitting them up as Sunday Jazz and Digital Crate Digging Continues.. go along with this good word based on what’s felt / seen and heard; check the menus

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