Thursday, December 24, 2020

Collections / Connections Part Two

 It’s a Throwback Thursday, thoughts were on previous episodes and how they played out...

It’s also a Thankful Thursday; it’s a blessing to be here after the way everything played out..

Retro futuristic; my vehicle strayed out into the intergalactic traffic out on those universal highways..

Scattered thoughts are collected  like after the holiday debt will be; on this Christmas Eve, some are out there on these highways..

Sonic Assaults are connected to how we’ll play; expect that from me along with this good word..

You’ll have to pardon us unlike Trump with his shady pardons of Paul Manafort and Roger Stone but once again it’s on; you heard?

While others were Waiting In The Dark  we pulled up; The Armada Of Light Sailing In? Oh! It’s On!

Brothers are gonna work it out per Willie Hutch ; the heart of a knight exhibited; but spotted shadows battling the clone.. the crater where shadows sparkle where it looks like evil is winning; things are uneven... The hater? like Trump blocking the Covid Relief Package every move made was nonchalant but we kept on believing

We kept on achieving; the collection of these thoughts were imperative to the accomplishment of our mission...

Now we’re arriving with this collection of breakbeat scientific principles accomplishing our mission!

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