Thursday, December 10, 2020

We’re Hitting Them Up (Part Six)

On this Throwback Thursday? You’ll have to excuse me but we’re still hitting them up! 

On this Throwback Thursday? We’re Handling Business Before It Handles Us that’s what’s up!

On a Throwback Thursday? Riding TARC, the main line in up in Louisville, the number 23 Broadway bus.. Hard day at work? napping, enjoying a peaceful sleep, actually I overslept! end of the line? now I fuss / cuss That didn’t work! soon I was out in Newburg! I had to take the overgrown path, it was a 45 minute stroll ...but it was worth it; resisting the negative urge, soon reflecting / doing the math, soothing my soul

Now we're working it all out / getting the machine set!! soon I was ready to roll / on my way / out here getting busy..
Hitting up my people!! out here dropping knowledge / letting them know what the deal will be!
Soul searching? like Trump fighting the election results? hating to lose / excavating the fragile thoughts.. the clutter and so-called odd and cute thoughts per GOP Senators enabling, meanwhile we're doing the damn thing with these Sonic Assaults!! Mind cluttered / thoughts scattered, taking a walk, now my worries have the scent of goodbye.. Negativity will scutter away, I'll chalk it up to life lessons, now hitting my people up letting them know what it do! soon to negativity they’re saying so long / goodbye!

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