Wednesday, June 5, 2019

Just Chilling For A Minute PT.4

Just chilling for a minute or two, it's the HumpDay Extravaganza but life is hectic;  sometimes you need to get somewhere and sit down..

Shady dealing? it might be minute to you or others;  some minds are just into other things,  that's how they get down!!

Just chilling for a minute or two, soon moving into a new phase!!  I'll  switch gears, after all these years? I still  found a portal to slide through!

Taking it to the bridge, and I didn't burn it? karma? we'll earn it while showing and proving!!  some said it's all about the paper per the Dells!  told big homie he had to ditch the irrational fears after the caper; I told him nobody will hide you!

Doing the knowledge, just chilling for a minute or two; soon we'll continue to work and fight through the madness; back with this!! local / national / international  / intergalactic? we're dealing with it!

Getting good mileage as a bruh steers the mothership back to earth!!  now cutting through the Babylon wilderness with a sonic machete dropping these mathematic; check out the Sonic Assault..we're dealing with it!

...Had to admit;  The Brotha O-Zone  was just chilling with it for a minute; in a zone,  the atmosphere became familiar! ...

Another was just a clone, like Juan Guaido down in Venezuela they had plans for building it!! I  even collaborated with jokers in this music business, said they had a deal for a bruh!

What's really going on?  it's Mexico - Venezuela match day down here at Mercedes Benz Stadium; games? I'm not playing them due to a change of plans / a change of the routines / rites and rituals.

 Just chilling for a minute; like Trump with so called thoughts of tariffs on Mexico I let go of thoughts about being a stranger in a new realm;  from comfort to danger zones?  O-Zone will see what it do /  what it does. 

Friends and Strangers by Ronnie Laws jams in the background; after chilling for a minute we came back around with the sound bumping up in the hooptie!! 

Friends in danger due to laws meant to set them up?  charges?  thought and fashion police are trumping up!!  where will the truth be?

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