Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Just Chilling For A Minute PT.7

Digital Crate Digging Continues on what I call a Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so named because things can go either way...

Just chilling for a minute!  the madness?  we're dealing with it!! the coping strategy that usually won't fail? dropping this good word plus the good music will play..

Coming real with it, genuine / authentic!! the Brotha O-Zone knew the deal about that and this!!  please!! jokers will try to block things like Mitch McConnell ; but he's out here accepting money from the Russians for projects in Kentucky plus help from his wife Elaine Chao? appraisers had other opinions.

Coming real with it!!  noticed praisers on the team at the baptist church were jumping up and down!! due to blessings that fell down from heaven /  received in different realms and dominions? 

Some people were stressing us!! was it personal like hits on David Ortiz? some didn't get the weather forecast, now feeling  the summer heat!! told others  trouble doesn't last always,  God is in the blessing business.

Others say whatever, talking reckless like Trump on the ABC interview, so what it do? karmic repercussions cause them to blast on others and get blasted on metaphorically;  they'll  ask what is this?

What's the business? O-Dizzle had the percussions..but over in  South Dekalb Mall in Decatur "player players"  in Stacy Adams with taps on them made too much noise when they walked up in the spot!

What's the business?  what's the dizzle? your dude is just trying to chill for a minute y'all but somebody from Chicago to even here in the ATL will lose their poise!! somebody will  get "white chalked out" 

What's the business? just trying to chill with it, meanwhile micromanagers balked out on the mound!! homie said they needed a magnifying glass!

What's the business? just trying to chill with it but reality will damage ya!! you can't ignore the session or the class!

What's the business? just trying to chill for a minute or two not trying to be belligerent like Trump talking about immigration...

That's what the deal is / that's what the real is; dropping this good word and beats will bump; our terms for the system integration..

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