Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Just Chilling For A Minute PT.6

Your dude is just chilling for a minute on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday where things can go either way..

The attitude? dealing with a positive one expecting a terrific outcome!! fueled by this good word plus we'll let the music play...

The attitude? pulling out the drum, breaking beats and English to relieve the pain and anguish, check the strategy..

The attitude? a message in the drum; war drum? peace drum? either way, per Ronnie Laws Friends and Strangers "holla at me"

Just chilling for a minute, earlier the system tried to throw a dollar at me but when I didn't cooperate there was erroneous information  released; gossip, lies and innuendo wreaked havoc!!  it's like Trump saying negotiations with Mexico didn't  break up

Same strategy for China?  told to go on with that, some peeped game they're on to that!! plus it wasn't all love like the Stylistics; that make up to break up!

....plus authorities will shake up the chain of command; check the chain of events!!  how are some living? 

Territories are under siege from Sudan, to  Yemen  and to Venezuela  due to the drama and intrigue; check the condition!

Lord Help us all!!  even here in the ATL we  had to draw up a petition!!  we exercised diplomatic immunity!! .now we're just chilling for a minute, soon we'll  move on to the next phase...

Haters will try to  help us fall during the ongoing  madness, but we keep moving forward / we'll keep fighting until the last days...

Soon we'll  move on to the next phase, taking the Isley Brothers advice..

Just chilling for a minute, but like the Golden State Warriors we're still in it to win it!! the saga / struggle continues!! these brothas know "it ain't nothing nice"

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