Thursday, June 13, 2019

Chillhop Essentials - Summer 2019 - chill & groovy beats

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday; excuse a dude as he get's retro-futuristic with it...

What it do?  check these menus as I go back to the future; lose me with the Trump spying on elections talk; this Negro won't balk on the mound he'll go ballistic..

What it do? we know how a con will play, supported by those talking "out the side of their neck" like Kellyanne Conway vs Democratic presidential candidates..

What it do? we know how a con will play!! the sport can get ugly like over in Haiti, as the people ask Jovenel Moise to show them the money from Venezuela!! even here in Atlanta a player hates!!

What it do? you know your son of God will play this smooth music from Chillhop Essentials - Summer 2019 - chill & groovy beats from the You Tube Chillhop Music channel..

Check out he playlist and the mix, we're just chilling for a minute!! somebody will understand a brotha..

00:00:00 Yasper - Good Friends 00:02:40 sleepy fish - for when it's warmer 00:06:16 Dontcry & Nokiaa & Deauxnuts & Azec - Wavey 00:08:55 Toonorth - Iced Tea 00:11:43 chief. - be here now 00:13:53 clap cotton - understatements 00:15:41 auv - McCarren 00:18:56 Evil Needle - Candlelight 00:21:40 Misha x cocabona - Khaleesi 00:25:12 quickly, quickly x Louk - Sleeping Til 12 00:26:56 FABICH x NO SPIRIT - All Together Good Vibes 00:29:18 blnkspc_ - tonite 00:31:56 junior state - Nice and Easy 00:34:40 Ruck P - Early Morning 00:38:17 Cap Kendricks - It's a Vibe 00:40:11 Monma - Fast Travel 00:42:14 SAINT WKND x NO SPIRIT - Sand Under My Feet 00:46:05 Osvaldo - Supergloom 00:48:11 Stan Forebee x Cloudchord - Song For The Sun 00:51:30 sebastian kamae & dontcry - polaroid 00:54:04 Hanz - Pulse 00:56:43 middle school - wannabe ft. aso 00:59:04 leavv - Driftwood 01:01:47 Blue Wednesday - Birthday Girl

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