Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Headhunters -Here and Now

Sunday Jazz Continues!! check us out, we're digging deep for this sound so digital crate digging will also be a prime factor..

Preparing the menus, now check the meals!! it's like that old soul food spot in the hood!! this food is good!! some are "digging where we're coming from" 

Scaring these venues when we come with drums? an old soul pulling out these Indian or African  drums of war or peace; maybe both..

Daring or truth bringing? entrance denied when we tried to cross the border like the migrant caravan!! so what's up man?  they said I'll need to pledge allegiance / drink the Kool-Aid / elixir or broth!!

Maybe the  turkey broth left over from the Thanksgiving Day dinner? they asked me; man, what are you talking about?  your a real winner I was told,  but I was just waiting on the truth to be told..

When will that happen? will it be like this track by The Headhunters;  Here and Now? thanks given any way for the way things played out because  they could have been worse, it's rough out here in a world that's so cold!!

Check out the players and this track by the Headhunters; it's cold!! these cats were rolling with Herbie Hancock back in the day..

They had that jazz funk / fusion thing going!! check the sound it should be showing, these cats rock!! my motto? let the music play!!

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