Sunday, November 18, 2018

Horace Silver - Filthy McNasty

Sunday Jazz Continues; were back like this!! it's going down after spending the day cruising down I-20 here in Atlanta...

The madness continues, jokers will try to track this!! they didn't understand a brotha!!

The saga  / struggle continues; the struggle is real, manipulated by those that are nasty..

Characters hated, they were dubious acting brand new with this; mentioned by Horace Silver with his track called Filthy McNasty was composed by Horace Silver, recorded live at the Village Gate on New York, May 19, 1961; 57 years ago...

....and still sounding good!! check it out, as we go for what we know!!

....the players on this track are

Horace Silver (piano)

 Blue Mitchell (trumpet)

 Junior Cook (tenor sax)

 Gene Taylor (bass)

Roy Brooks (drums)

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