Monday, January 29, 2018

Retro Futuristic Mystic Going Ballistic PT.7

This retro-futuristic mystic is caught in a moment of time after playing it like Donald Byrd!! it's per the Places and Spaces I've been. 

Going ballistic due to negative elements / components affecting the state of mind? might be reflected while dropping this good word and the funky blend. 

Going ballistic as evil opponents were like the GOP vs DACA ; sending  negative feedback?   some jokers act like they need to give the meth and weed back so they can get their minds right.

We're back / we're up on it!!  we didn't concede like Roy Moore in Alabama!!  damned by the 20 / 20 hindsight? 

It's hard out here for a pimp / player in this field!!  in the background? I heard rumblings from jets in flight. 

Like Chinese aircraft intruding over South Korean and Japanese airspace jets were flying over my airspace going to and fro Hartsfield Jackson Airport!!  I'm ready to go ballistic!!    chemtrails in sight? 

The weatherman said the chemtrails were caused by a weather system or front;  but who's fair in this sport? those caught up know the system / matrix will front. 

Weather modification per HAARP? my people will get caught out there waiting in the dark trying to gather / hunt..

These lettermen will do the damn thing!! O-Zone?  he's a retro-futuristic mystic who'll go ballistic on a fanatic trying to pull a stunt!! either that or I'll skip Trump State Of The Union type functions like Rep. Frederica Wilson..

Not placing bets man!! Jay Z already told you about Trump hating on you per black unemployment!! check the shady dealing!!

This retro-futuristic ballistic is out here going ballisitic bring the real thing!! it's truth or reality as we know it...

..Mentioned in my truth game mix per getting breakbeat scientific!! we're out here acting like we know it...

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