Thursday, January 11, 2018

Retro Futuristic Mystic Going Ballistic PT..4

It's going down!!  this retro futuristic mystic is going ballistic, but when I signed in I was told to download the app.

It's going down!! I let go after doing the mathematics so what's the mode?  I'm broadcasting live from the ATL,  home of the trap.

Might have heard about the 2Chainz Pink Trap House but others are out here fighting championship bouts!! their structure was full of roaches and rats so the traps were set up.

This dude maintains but  per FISA the corruption was heavy!! please!! NSA / CIA helped build Silicon Valley,  you'll get caught in a trap!! it's rough out here but I didn't let it slow me down I can't let up.

FICO scores were low,  couldn't use the VISA  but we were able to buy a clue; now we're coming out fresh with a brand new batch!!  for freedom?  we continue to ride.

Coming through doors like immigrants? authorities check the VISA while politicians discuss DACA; will good and evil  collide / coincide? 

Coming through doors!! check this good word from this retro futuristic mystic going ballistic!!   funky fresh in the flesh but not harmful like California mudslides.

Checking scores as a dude rides down I-20 in Atlanta; out in California? a dude rides down I-80 out in Oakland!! oh yes!!  with my kinfolk?  your homie rides..

Checking scores as a snitch confides with authorities; now per Throwback Thursday?  Tha block is hot like Lil Wayne, BG and Juvenile talked about!!

Checking scores; slick pitchers throw sliders and curve balls, some were kicked to the curb y'all; others were lost, they stalked about..

Before we get "white chalked out" we'll need to get our minds right!! mentioned at my satellite station..

This retro futuristic mystic is going ballistic in the meantime and between time!! on more than one occasion!!

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