Thursday, January 4, 2018

9th Wonder - The 9th Wonder Tape (Full Beat Tape / Instrumental Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Throwback Thursday!! throwbacks for the musically hungry / thirsty..

Jazz / soul / funk / hip hop / house music / soul music; throw them back like drinks at the club; you heard me?

Who'll work with me? this music is conducive to all my family / club members going through the struggle...

Who'll work with me? peace is elusive!!  the family tree? reality dismembers limbs as we continue the saga / struggle...

What's up with your brother? chilling out listening to 9th Wonder with The 9th Wonder Tape (Full Beat Tape /  Instrumental Mix)

Courtesy of  Nas Kingston , soon seeing what a wonder 9th Wonder is per the jazz / soul / funk beats, right on time for this Throwback Thursday!! check out the playlist and the mix!!

=== PLAYLIST === 

01. And This Is For 

02. Away From Me 

03. Clapper 

04. Gotta get dat 

05. Groupie 

06. Live Life

07. I Don't Know Why 

08. Heart Of The City 

09. Brush Ya Shoulder Off 

10. Just For You 

11. December 4th 

12. Light It Up 

13. Night Riders

14. Home 

15. Nighttime Maneuvers 

16. Do I See 

17. Hi dazzle 

18. No Comparison 

19. Nobody but you

 20. Oooh baby

 21. Pain is gone 

22. Sixth sense rmx 

23. Pardon you 

24. Slippin 

25. The ghetto 

26. Strongest man 

27. Sun splash 

28. The rain 

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