Monday, January 22, 2018

Retro Futuristic Mystic Going Ballistic PT.6

Once again it's on!! after a brief hiatus this retro futuristic mystic is going ballistic..

Once again it's on!! how will we play this? per Music Monday we'll keep it live like the Dazz Band but not trying to spaz man!! some might miss it!!

Once again it's on!! live and direct from the ATL but you can say we're reporting from the front lines of spiritual warfare. 

Embedded with the other troops; fighting back with this good word and drum loops;  as the devil kills / destroys and loots per John 10:10 taking it there. 

They'll blow in like an Alberta Clipper with the next level dramatics;  the game "ain't fair"  and never has been.

 Let it all blow per the Dazz Band?  please!! this retro-futuristic mystic is still going ballistic!! we kept going like LA Clippers without Chris Paul,  with Blake Griffin always hurt;  but that's how the business has been! 

What's up y'all? like the Clippers fighting the Rockets a fake griffin was involved in some shady dealing;  that business will be their downfall. 

What's up y'all?  somebody mentioned ride or die but like the Democrats not trusting the GOP and Mitch McConnell concerning the government shutdown,  who's really down y'all? 

What's up y'all? coping strategies will fail!!  I see how it's going down but how were they trying to work this?

This retro-futuristic mystic is still going ballistic but that's business as usual!! but  gluttons for punishment were trying to defeat the purpose.

This retro-futuristic mystic is still going ballistic but others play it like lives are worthless; damn!!  some were even standing outside the hospital smoking! 

Work is put in;  like New England Patriots winning some will hate this!! how did others play this?  slacking, dude was in his car smoking weed / employees were taking smoke breaks;  inside joking? 

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