Friday, January 12, 2018

Retro Futuristic Mystic Going Ballistic PT.5

The train of thought will run off the rails,  like Trump disrespecting Haiti , El Salvador and African nations. 

This Sonic Assault is unleashed  by this retro futuristic mystic going ballistic as the mothership sails through the universe, but now it's landed; check the reactions.

What's the deal with it?  check the mechanical engineering as fractions, decimals and equations enabled me to spot fractures in the structure..

..Per the social media interactions and social engineering?  some have already questioned the competence of Trump; as this good word is dropped and beats thump some ask what's up with this brotha? 

Interactions  revealed corruption even if  a so called merit system in immigration is implemented;  who's fair in the system?  my people know what the deal is.

Interactions revealed my club members are  caught up in the system / matrix; they can bear witness to what the real is..

I chilled with my club members;  now this retro-futuristic mystic is going ballistic, letting them know what the deal is!!

Sam's Club abruptly shuts down!! my people in out in Lithonia are mad about how it played out!  even though Walmart workers got raises they're not feeling this!

Damn!!  club members will deal with GOP corruption concerning Medicaid ; how will it play out?  it's already rough out here!!

A dub is played and this good word is dropped!!  this retro-futuristic mystic is going ballistic!! taking it there!

A lot of jokers are fake out there like Apple slowing down iPhones while still clocking dough...

This retro-futuristic mystic is going ballistic!! O-Zone and O-Dizzle will go for what they know..

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