Saturday, November 4, 2017

Through the Roof- A Jazzy House Mix

Digital Crate Digging Continues on a Saturday afternoon!! usually chilling out after a hectic week...

The saga / struggle continues as I like to say!! business as usual? for some it's all good but for others the outlook is bleak..

Another will wreak havoc, they mentioned something about they had to have it, they use the by any means necessary strategy...

This brotha is back with it!! considered arrogant and aloof because I didn't go along with the program, so some didn't check with me or "holla at me"

This brotha is back with it!! listening to Through the Roof- A Jazzy House Mix courtesy of a Confused Bi-Product of a Misinformed Culture

Jazz and house music? you can use it, it's conducive!! check out the playlist and the mix as knowledge is dropped on those confused about the culture...

Tracklist -

0:00 - Four Walls - Life On Easy Street

05:35 - Kerri Chandler - Relax Have Another Spliff

11:54 - Physics - Carry u Inside

16:05 - Renato Pearson & JoVoon - Soundmen On Wax (Optic Vision) (TranceMoov Mix)

20:38 - Boo Williams - Out of Sink Jazz

25:49 - Omar S - The Shit Baby (CP-1 Played By D.Taylor)

30:07 - Lego - Jazzmorphosis (Groovy Sax Mix)

34:02 - Edwin Oosterwal & Woodie S - Missing (Rework)

39:05 - Alankara and Jazzy D - Higher Love (Guitar Edit) 

43:55 - Art Konik - Mingpark (Steph's Deep Park Mix) 

48:43 - Shur-I-Kan - Jazz Club 

52:47 - Llorca - Wordless

57:37 - Herbie Hancock - The Essence (Joe Claussell - Sacred Opus Mix)

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