Tuesday, November 14, 2017

The Hot Messenger Is Back PT.9

The hot messenger is back on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday!! the  saga / struggle continues!! damn!!  we even have to deal with glitches in the matrix. 

 Roy Moore and Harvey Weinstein types say it's hard out here for a pimp!! that's per Three Six  Mafia!!   they'll also  blame it on #metoo ,  plus snitches will fake it. 

Observing the scene,  ready to roll!! I took a break from it now I'll make a break for it!!  I told you earlier about those I-20  Chronicles. 

Swerving?  no,  I don't roll like that!!  battles are fought  by this spiritual warrior,  the response to these and those! 

It's the response to the  Brexit like hot mess! obstacles / roadblocks and setbacks implemented by systematic procedures. 

The hot messenger is back with these Sonic Assaults!! we'll take a beat and break it!! the response to the hustle knocks,  after our constituents beseech us. 
The hot messenger is back, out here getting breakbeat scientific!!  it's business as usual. 

Not like Jeff Sessions with the passive aggressions, but it's subliminal and specific!! we're out here trying to deal with it!!   acting like we knew.

Class is in session but we didn't have all the answers;  not yet!!  and we probably won't ever get them. 

Flames are lit like an arsonist, dancers affected by the disco inferno!! we lit them. 

The hot messenger is back!! we lit them up!!   turned up all the way up? that's a matter of opinion. 

The hot messenger is back on this Terrible Terrific Tuesday!! we hit them up with that and this,   from another dimension or dominion.  

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