Thursday, November 9, 2017

The Outback Chronicles (A Throwback Thursday Edition)

Check out these Outback Chronicles,  it's the response to these and those!! you know what?  we're blessed to see these days and times.

Not out it!! per Scorpio Season excuse me for undergoing internal and external inspections while caught up in these moments of time. 

Outside / outback? undertaking internal and external inspections of the property the Lord gave me stewardship  over /  blessed me with.  

Per Throwback Thursday? I'm not faking it !! a few years ago?  I was ghetto / alley / in the gutter;  but now I'm cleaning out gutters!! acting brand new with it?  reflecting on what the system stressed me with!!

Actually?  the attack is still underway, you know how they play!!  damn!!  it's like these rodents trying to find a way into my house. 

Like the Texas church shooter the arch nemesis was on the premises; we're not in denial,  there are no doubts.

A bad shooter like Lonzo Ball? he has his doubts but it's early in the season he'll be fine..

A bad looter like LiAngelo Ball caught out there in China? will he pay more than a fine? 

Balling out there in China like Trump making deals , out there by the Forbidden City? 

Falling,  out there /  outback like these tree limbs I'm trying to pick up!! spotted ants building a fortress / city..

Falling off out there / out of it? peeped across the fence; all my neighbors have brand new cars while I'm still dipping in hoopties..

Check out these Outback Chronicles as I do my due diligence but some will say it's belligerence!! the doctrine? there's truth in these!!

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