Monday, November 27, 2017

Louie Vega presents The Elements of Life: This Is US (Roots Mix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday; please!! we're not worried about Cyber Monday,  it's going down like this..

The saga / struggle continues!! how will we play?  let the music play,  as we deal with this!! 

Real with this!! putting it down!! the street code is followed!! no need for honors from Donald Trump like Navajo code talkers..

Insults thrown!! he's still warring with Elizabeth Warren per the Pocahontas  remark!! vehicles aren't in park we're rolling!! word from these freedom stalkers!!

Cults are shown the door per these sonic assaults!! per Louie Vega presents The  Elements of Life we show them This Is US (Roots Mix)

Check out the performers and the track; this is all of that!! it represents the toil and strife of my constituents!! they're caught up in the system / matrix..

Backing Vocals – Lisa Fischer

Drums [Live] – Jerard Snell

Featuring, Voice [Spoken Word] – Ursula Rucker

Lyrics By – Ursula Rucker

Music By [Hook] – Luis F. Vega, Oveous Maximus

Soprano Saxophone – Ivan Renta

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