Sunday, June 19, 2016

The Live Broadcast

All the way live like Lakeside!! check this Poet Society, much respect to the dead ones...

Trying to survive out here where the fake ride, disrespect shown  in pursuit of the dead ones..

...AKA the dollars, pursued by Rhodes and street scholars, both in collars like pets but not knowing it..

Played!! foul was the style!! codes of conduct followed? street, DaVinci , government, corporate?

Strayed off the path, foul according to flagrant agents!! the sport will be complex per the naysayers...

Stayed off the math taught by unaccredited professors, but I will confess: I say prayers..

Stayed out of the wrath of so called power brokers, I let those jokers go on about there business..

Macro / Micro economics make me write this #micropoetry, check out the abstract dramatics: as we go on about our business..

Check the #iPhone logic, similar to how Dr Spock did it!! rebuking those that thought we were dimwitted...

Check the clone trying to work magic, but the outcome was tragic!!
against a foe beyond the strength of their mind, body or spirit they're pitted..

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