Thursday, June 2, 2016

How Did We Move PT.2 (It's Gotta Be Good)

......Insight dropped up in these spots....Hood's gotta be a good thing!! ... we're rebuking games played by fanatics!!  the saga/ struggle continues.

Lights shine on the structure that rots, but I still prayed!!  I was enjoying the harvest from secret gardens!! meals served in soul's kitchens, check the menus.

Insights were co-signed by fellow tribe members, they know what's up!! discrete!! no pardons granted by the apparatus.

"It ain't right"...old dude said down here on Candler Road  in Decatur Georgia!!  or like Hillary Clinton in regards to Donald Trump!! no pardon granted in Babylon!!! now morale is low... check the status.

Any morals?  check the attitude!! told you it's a Hood Thing!! over off of Ponce De Leon in Atlanta graffiti and murals were on walls, the b-boy style..*It's Gotta Be Good*

Any morals?'s not just a hood thing, word to the wise!! per Paul Ryan endorsements have hearted testimonials are heard!!! to others? demons try to do damage...if they could..

A champion knows how the sport goes; results revealed with Golden State vs Cleveland Cavaliers.. 

 A champion knows how the sport goes; cults beholding beauty in the midst of the madness, banishing irrational fears..

How did we move? told to abort those by opposing forces!! the pain is felt per Prince overdoses..

How did we move? told to abort those by opposing forces!! they even introduced information overloads..

How did we move? rolling in discrete modes but trouble still finds us...

It's all good / it's gotta be good!! the stress will double but a double blessing finds us.. 

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