Thursday, June 9, 2016

Caught Out There On This Throwback / Thirsty Thursday

Damn!! we're caught out there!! per Tropical Storm Colin hitting Florida we might get rained on.

We tried to stay one step ahead it,  we kept rolling down I-20 in Atlanta but satellites capture our image: damn!! it appears we were gained on.

...By the apparatus, it wasn't hard to catch us!! Throwback Thursday?  I ran into dude that lost his house and car!! now .he was on  the 23 Broadway Bus / TARC / Transit Authority Of River City in Louisville: check the status / see what it do.

Fast forward to today  per this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday / still hungry and thirsty down here in Atlanta,  are you serious like Dick Vitale would say? needing to be up in Louisville down on Broadway and Muhammad Ali tomorrow for the memorial motorcade, now caught up in the charade, but we're back with this!! knowing I couldn't front / I had to act like I knew.

It's like the pool hall / tavern I once chilled in at Clay and Lampton up in Louisville:  the system is racking you up on the pool table, then comes the break.

Once again it's on!! not acting a fool y'all / we're dropping this The Sonic Assault on the system  / we get with them!! .. O-Zone has the prose / O-Dog has the drums and the breaks.

Once again it's on!! I wasn't running with the fakes!!  they were messed up on fentanyl or even K2 or Spice... 

It's rough out here!! caper pullers are running from jakes!! no endorsements like Obama for Clinton!! some will leave too early like Kimbo Slice.

Overpaying the price / cost overruns takes a toll on the masses; due to the drama O-Dog will conduct seminars and classes...

Who's playing? *it ain't nothing nice*  / some need to get their minds right like Ramadan 2016 / one prays and fasts.

Tyronne Lue wants the Cleveland Cavaliers to play fast, but that plays right into the Golden State Warriors hands... 

Act like you knew!! no fear is shown by these spiritual warriors when the mothership lands...

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