Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Selected At Random After Reckless Abandon PT.2

Thoughts are scattered like thunderstorms in Atlanta,  due to 90 degree weather.

 Thoughts form per bruised and battered fusions in soul's foundry!! similar to old Pittsburgh steel mills and foundries: some will say whatever. 

Reality is hitting hard like Pittsburgh Steelers!! random thoughts from a brotha per the name of this blog from a Louisville / Newburg dude who crossed boundaries are selected at random. 

A host of ideas due to shady business per consumer credit wheelers / dealers? true, but actually frontline spiritual warfare business!!  profiled?  we weren't selected at random. 

Oh yes!!  reckless abandon made us moving targets!!  sometimes we hunters get captured by the game. 

Check us out!!  damned if we did or didn't!!  hunters and gatherers catching all the blame. 

Coming out fresh,  batching up game of the breakbeat scientific variety.

 Funky fresh in the flesh!!  no need for Donald Trump stereotypes like radical Islamic terrorism per Obama!! during the drama  I saw what looked like a drum!!  my eyes didn't lie to me.

Funky fresh in the flesh?  my eyes didn't lie to me!!  it's dark like midnight due to scattered storms in the Atlanta area.

I clash with constituents who were waiting in the dark;  now my scattered thoughts are collected, but not the norm!!  check the scenario. 

Cons on opiates and barbiturates spark the drama!! fear / hate mongers will shoot it up like Omar Mateen down in Orlando..

The response? I cope with it as scattered thoughts are selected at random after reckless abandon, while running through Babylon: now letting you know what the sport will do...  

Listen to the Out There / Scattered Thoughts Mix

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