Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shark Infested Waters

Damn!!  there's no where to run or hide!! it like the beaches off of Jacksonville Florida?   the Atlantic? the waters are full of sharks and piranhas! 

What about the Pacific Rim?  as we deal with her and him...nothing but fanatics..even baby girl said life isn't fair!! I said amen like a deacon in the corner!! I knew the deal....they ask whats up with a bruh? as he parks the mothership after cutting corners! the curves and hills on Highway 1 along the Pacific Coast in Cali ....or like the "stankin lankin"  aka old school  Lincoln Continental I saw over on Candler Road in Decatur! 

Jokers said they were big banking like Bank Of America!! must be crooked like them too!! check out the mortgage fraud... act like you knew about a hater! 

....or an ill issue debater like O'Mara defending George Zimmerman;  distracting Americans from know issues at hand! 

I even felt the pressure!! but I played better like Lebron James after he lost his headband! 

Check the response to these games played; check out the feedback! 

....per fireman's lingo the fire is fully involved!! over on 82nd Avenue in Oakland jokers give the coke and weed back! 

Check out the shark infested with high velocities with the speed you need are back in vogue! 

Votes and protests in Egypt confirmed atrocities committed in deep waters when haters went rogue! 

Holding on per En Vogue!! damn!! these sharks and piranhas were representing! 

Like the arch nemesis on the premises...were out here in these deep waters;  bearing witness to how hot it is...unlike the BART Strikers some sold out like those other unions ...they're not representing!

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