Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Rocking The Red and Black Louisville Cardinal Hat PT.2

"Repping" the Ville hard!! I was out in the Bay Area...Oakland / San Francisco...I was rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal Hat! 

Whats the deal? check the grey area scenario...jokers act like they don't know; like the State of Florida vs George Zimmerman...why were they starting that? 

Whats the deal?  unskilled like Asiana Airline pilots?  I'm not a part of that!! still going for mine..its on automatic pilot...I kept the squares out of my circle!

Whats the deal?  I heard what was said!! bribery and corruption was on the rise worldwide...I'm hip to plots and schemes meant to hurt a bruh! 

Whats the deal / dizzle?  whats the good word?  we had a whole sack full! 

Whats the deal /dizzle?  similar to Tony in Southwyck / Cotter Homes aka Little Africa...he said he had the good herb!! a whole sack full? 

My back?  I pull!! putting in this blue collar style work like I had on a dark blue uniform with my name stitched on it! 

Instead I rocked the red, black and gray Polo shirt with the Red and Black Louisville hat...but jokers act a fool with that!!  they're foul!! waiting in the dark!! check the storm;  my game?  they snitched on it! 

The mound?  I pitched on it like Bartolo Colon for the Oakland A's....but rocking the red and black Louisville Cardinal hat! 

A true champion; whats up man?  why did they want to start with that?

A true champion like cuz out in the Bay Area rocking their 2012 San Francisco Giant t-shirt...

West Coasting / lamping...check out the scenario..see how we work...


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