Monday, July 29, 2013

Lost In Translation / Transition PT.2

I heard what was said!!  please!! its like Matthew 24:6..check out the wars and rumors of wars..cultures were clashing!! now the message is lost in translation! 

I heard some were misled!! they were acting like they knew; found waiting in the dark;  now vultures are cashing in on the casualties while others were acting casually;  no sense of urgency!!  they'll be lost in transition!

 Dude even lost the transmission when he was dipping down I-75 trying to get back to Atlanta from Louisville! 

I guess the old Crown Victoria had seen better days; these days things are way too real! 

I had a story for ya..about being lost in transition due to fast breaking...but I knew the way to deal Lebron James finishing with a layup or dunk! 

Laying up..barbecuing Oscar Mayer weiners in the backyard down here in the ATL..contemplating..using a fresh view or fresh vision;  these beat blenders drop the brand new funk!

 Avoiding pretenders with agendas like Weiner in New York..or jokers supposedly getting crunk in the ATL ....or  over in Egypt and in lands beyond! 

The system renders a verdict like the George Zimmerman trial; or maybe the Bradley Manning trial..validating and confirming the status quo..who understands?  check the Sonic Assault to see how we respond! 

But some is lost in translation..."everybody ain't able"  per old girl in the back of the Checker Cab conversating! 

But we kept it moving;  not lost in transition..remaining stable; God is blessing us..check this product from the lab based on solid rock standing;  no thin ice skating!

Whats up cousin? with some I'm relating..down here in the ATL with the Louisville / Newburg swagger...

I wasn't lost in transition...jokers from Decatur said I fit whats happening? some things are still lost in translation....eyes are kept on an O-Jays style backstabber...

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