Friday, July 19, 2013

Hemmed Up / Hemmed In

Jokers similar to Bradley Manning were played like a pair of polyester slacks;  they were hemmed up! 

Whose understanding that during The Reign Of Terror broken dreams and promises can get the best of you? sometimes they do..but blessings come down after prayers are sent up!

Like Pierce and Garnett to the Brooklyn Nets...broken teams were hemmed in!! they couldn't get open.. the competition was too strong! 

One who plots and schemes blends in the woodwork;  how will it work?  like the or intel was gathered...but they didn't stay too long!

Like Edward Snowden....whatcha knowing? please!! the haves and have nots clash like titans; some even fight among themselves! 

The fabric rots!! exciting some because they'll still get paid; others were in therapy asking; whats wrong with themselves?

Mathematics?  O-Zone drops; check the clearance rack epiphanies ..based on being hemmed in! 

Fanatics thought they had me!! but I get free and stay free!! beats?  O-Dog is blending! 

Considered hazardous material? fanatics aka a so called jury of our peers were rendering hell breaks loose from LA to Oakland..

No justice no peace was the slogan or catch phrase..observing the scene....bearing witness while I was West Coasting...

Whats up with us? some were stressed ...earlier bragging and boasting like Morsi in Egypt...

Now they're hemmed up or hemmed Dodge Ram trucks with Hemi engines they were once the gig is up..

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