Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Everybody Ain't Able"

Rolling in big bodied / old school Checker Cabs; previously mentioned in Taxi Cab Chronicles....I overheard the passengers conversation in the back seat! 

Old girl said "everybody ain't able" ..but check this product from labs in remote outposts; letting you know whats up!! like Usain Bolt we kept dipping through the track meat! 

...Wasn't juiced up like Asafa Powell.."everybody ain't stable"  but we fought back against the alt shift delete strategy! 

Everybody ain't a star in the fable...Sly Stone said they were!! but  jokers threw salt in the game..even when they holla back at me! 

What will the status be? whatcha knowing?  its open season on a brotha from Sanford Florida to the Fruitvale Station! 

From Burrell Ellis in Dekalb County Georgia / Senator Burris in Illinois;  to Plaxico Burress in New York now in Pittsburgh;  whose caught up in the unpleasant situation? 

You heard this?  as I tell this story in a breakbeat scientific format! 

You heard this?  maybe not.." everybody ain't able" ..some that were unstable told me to go on with that! 

So I go on with that!! I kept it moving !! check out what this chef from souls kitchen will bring to the table! 

Were on that!!  were on a mission;  but some are through dealing ...."everybody ain't able"

Things are unstable like Detroit going bankrupt.. so whats up? back in the day Gil Scott-Heron told you we almost lost it....who can bear witness? they'll end up like dude in the Whitey Bulger trial..

Others continue to believe the fable...but thats not this brotha's style...

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