Sunday, April 3, 2011

They Were Going Through It

They were going through the rebels in I let them proceed and continue!

Spiritual warfare is going down...meanwhile we're putting it down like this.. act like you knew!!  in the songs? messages we send you.

O-Dizzle will blend you a funky beat; O-Zone will get scientific with it!

Plans fizzle for some!! like Charlie Sheen winning? is it back to square one? trying to regroup..then get back up in it!

Were back in it!! similar to an old school preacher preaching about the up most, the high...the mighty God!

Were back up in it!! all up in the spot where reason gave way to madness...noticed others were reaching comatose but I didn't ask why; that's not odd!

Not the Geek Squad or even Mr. Goodwrench; but I learned how to fix things!

Wikileaks revealed that the squad was riding dirty in the hood!! goons and henchmen were trying to fix things!

Noticed shadetree mechanics were trying to fix things!! said it would be a the whole system is messed up!

But whistleblowers were kicking things to fanatics; now so called suspects fessed up!

Jokers said act like you know us!! even burning Korans like Terry Jones... but in these danger zones they were dressed up with no where to go!

Other jokers said embrace the confusion; we have to go with the flow!

But please!! were going for what we know!! as we put it down like this!!  these days we're like old girl said she was doing..minding and tending!

We let them go through what they're going through!!  meanwhile were in the lab working on this good word and beat blending.

Sending messages in the songs...some figure the cipher out!

Check out these middle passage descendants that are going all out!

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