Sunday, April 17, 2011

These BreakBeat Scientists Are Putting It Down Like This

The train of thought has left the station like a MARTA train leaving Five Points headed towards Decatur!

Thought police try to monitor situations; like Qaddafi attacking Misurata; what are the relations? they come across as a hater!

Heard the irrelevant issue debater;  using weapons of mass distraction!

GOP to compromise on the debt cap? usually they wannabe startin something like Michael Jackson!

Thought and fashion police were just wannabes; thought they were onto something!! but then they're caught out there like Nicolas Cage..interactions revealed otherwise.

Face to face with a crook holding a fully or jammy? that revealed the wise and otherwise!

Facebook fronted!! said this breakbeat science was spammy; blocked my posts ...knocked down but a brotha will rise!

Wasn't shook; now I'm back...unleashed the Sonic Assault...the jam will be the rebuttal; putting it down like armchair quarterbacks huddle after the surprise!

As we keep our eye on the prize; haters damn me if I do or don't do this or that!! but we didn't have to say goodbye like Elton John...were not on yellow brick roads.

....we weren't off to see the Wizard of we weren't in Mamby Pamby Land; the path is not golden..but during the struggle beauty were beholding!! telling you about it in these different modes.

Using different codes and passwords; plus the ghetto pass is in full effect!

Street codes weren't violated; like in Yemen the foul still hated; a fool gets no respect!

Modes of transportation are in full effect as I travel the universe; dipped through acting like I knew...came through Portal 2.....even chilled in black holes that are local , universal or international!

.....Thought police try to introduce the curse; but knowledge is dropped in the verse..not acting irrational!

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