Friday, April 1, 2011

The Prime Suspect

So whats up? the suspect was a black male; might have been Jamie Hood...5-8 to 6-0 with average build.

Six foot seven foot like the Lil Wayne Cory Gunz joint ; what's good? it's all game in the hood..whose trying to build?

Under construction or under corruption? like republicans vs democrats during the budget talks...will the project yield or reap benefits?

Whats up with some? clowns to the left of me jokers to the right;  I'm in the middle with some dimwits.

Out there on the fringe with no benefits!! but the jobless rate looks good...but states and corporations try to break up unions! 

Others were on a smoke or coke binge; now these demon deacons want to officiate communions!

.....At family reunions urban legends dispel urban myths and prophecies.

Tales of dipping through in Acura Legends and Cadillac Sedan Devilles are heard;  McFadden and Whitehead there was no stopping these!

Now family oriented; in a Subaru Legacy or Honda Odyssey with a soccer ball or ribbon on the back of it... time changes things.

Whats up with it? as soon as we get a clue the system rearranges things!

The situation is dangerous!! things like mechanical malfunctions and defects lead to glitches in the matrix.

Mechanical engineering was found to be flawed; wannabe macks and divas balled..but I noticed snitches tried to fake it!

Social engineering by social networks and the social media had everything jacked up! 

Loathing and fearing experienced by those cashing reality checks had the traffic  backed up!

During the championship fight homie got smacked up it was the rumble in the jungle!

Plus dude was at the goal line; didnt score....he'll fumble!..

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