Sunday, April 10, 2011

They Were Going Through It PT.2...The Struggle Continues.

The struggle continues; they were going through I let the hustlers hustle and the players play.

My call of duty? black ops the hood ignoring black cops; for the system they'll play!

Whats up y'all? act like you knew me!! a player from the ball courts in the inner city;  Beecher Terrace and Sheppard Square up in Louisville; the blacktops...wearing black Chuck Taylor's ....getting triple doubles.

These days? society wants blacks to stop!! I say a prayer as the stress doubles!

Peeping game like looking through Hubble telescopes; spotted the cosmic fireworks.. things are ugly and beautiful.

Others were asleep in the game; dreams were lovely..even lucid..some said its all gravy baby!!  might even try to act brand new with ya!

The submarine floats through deep streams of consciousness as we come with this; were not floating in a yellow one!

Winning and losing teams were spotted;even seen the so called good fella tried to roll like Donald Trump..but he'll come undone!

O-Zone has the good word;  a lot to tell ya..O-Dizzle had the drum..listen for the message! 

Dipping down I-85 in Atlanta in the old school Toyota Camry with the gold package!

New school Camry's have to many issues; but dude in Gwinnett County was cold!! the package received from Mexico was flipped; for the cartel? profits were made.

What will you get from these brothas? the sound will be knowledge is flipped; these prophets hip you to the ongoing charade!

Games are played; not a fashion and thought police were patrolling the hostile territory.

Similar to Libya no fly zones one coming to the Gaza.? we roll up on the plaza..O-Zone uses a hot style to tell the story!

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