Tuesday, September 19, 2017

The Outback Chronicles (A Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

Check out these Outback Chronicles as I clean up the remnants of Hurricane Irma that hit Dekalb County. 

I'm not out of it!! chronologically writing this Rembrandt!! I heard some are in pain, plus on their souls the system had a bounty. 

Psychological and sociological factors were mitigating advances! jokers were cavalier like Trump at the UN..

Hustle knocking was like disturbing the earth, now Hurricane Maria advances and  check the earthquakes in Mexico!  jokers need to quit playing..

We're rocking,  but what's it all worth?  you've found me out here picking up tree limbs and raking leaves.

It's rough out here in more ways than one! it's like I'm out here hanging on a tree limb hearing chainsaws beneath me after a fake one deceives. 

Was it a by product of the ill conduct? I guess one believes what he wants to believe. 

I continue doing what I do!! trying to conduct or govern myself accordingly / in an orderly fashion trying to achieve. 

Still clashing with thought and fashion police!! from Georgia Tech to St Louis I still hear cries of no justice no peace!!

I'm cashing out while some play themselves selling out or cashing in; disrespecting themselves, acting brand new with this? please!

The trash is out as Dekalb County Sanitation rides through collecting debris...

Mashing out for freedom is the usual business but at the moment practicing stewardship of the Lord's blessings!! of course haters are still stressing like the GOP and Obamacare!! others are out there mixed in the cosmic debris..

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