Thursday, September 21, 2017

I Gave Them A Thumbs Up PT. 10

It's going down as usual!! excuse me but I have this Throwback Thursday mindset. 

I gave a thumbs up to past episodes,  they made me who I am today! blessed by it?

I signed a peace treaty with the past,  now I'm going through renovations. 

God is not through with me yet , please be patient per Sis. Albertina Walker and Rev. James Cleveland, so what were you believing?  the masses will be impressed by the innovations. 

Like Kyrie Irving leaving Cleveland or Kevin Durant tweeting,  odd behavior exhibited by being caught up in unpleasant situations?  oh yes!! I was even a hot mess. 

Damn!! I still am,  check how I'm swerving!!  but some may give a thumbs up to this hot messenger!!  like Hurricane Maria? strength we gathered to deal with the stress

We kept it moving / we keep on trucking per Eddie Kendricks on some Throwback Thursday business!!  

We kept grooving!! we kept on rolling like an interstate trucker, the backbone of commerce / business..

But what's the business? per Throwback Thursday did love abandon us like Rose Royce? games were played, but I didn't participate.

..Didn't like how some of those folk rolled up, I couldn't give them a thumbs up!!  per the Graham-Cassidy /  Obamacare repeal and replace I see how some are contributing to the debate!! 

..It's those who were full of hate!! some of my constituents gave me a thumbs up for blasting with the Sonic Assault!!  hitting up those that try to prevent this or that from going down!! haters doing their job? 

Throwing salt into the game!!  I couldn't give them a thumbs up!! they're  hustle knocking  / planting roadside bombs / IED's or grenades they lob.

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