Sunday, April 17, 2022

Breaking You Off Something (Part Ten)

 On this Easter Sunday? your dude is still getting breakbeat scientific; I’m out here breaking you off something!

How did we try to act? we're broadcasting live from a remote outpost out here off of I-20 in Atlanta! oh yeah, we’re still up to something!

Chilling out in the lab, still feeling the affects from yesterday’s Full Moon in Libra hitting us up during Ramadan and Easter  / Holy Season! out in those Atlanta streets earlier but from my perspective life is hectic. 

A lot of my constituents going to and fro, no masks on acting like the pandemic is over; who knows maybe it is but I’m an old dude so I’m still social distancing I need my space! respect it. 

My thing? still doing it, considered antisocial showing love from a distance but still catching wreck per the old school hip hop catch phrase; at the moment Sunday Jazzing!

Jazz hopping / O-Dog Day Partying! later on I’ll get into some traditional jazz it’ll prevent from spazzing!

Like I did back in the day per my Taxi Cab Chronicle timesI remember the time like the Michael Jackson track dipping through those Louisville streets in the big bodied Checker Cabs, these days Uber drivers pull up in Nissan Altimas. 

Per these I-20 Chronicles or Random Thoughts From A Brotha? sometimes reminiscing; I remember that night, the sight? gruesome! why did they start with those brothas?

Dealing with the sinister? the episode is not a new one per the old school Baptist preacher / minister it goes back to biblical times as evil ones show ambition, issues they resolve using violence. Abort their mission? karma awaits their arrogance but they don’t care as we continue to break you off something! that’s how this style is!

We’re breaking you off something as we rebuke the ongoing malice shown by getting breakbeat scientific!

We’re breaking you off something! check out what the style is as supreme courage and maximum strength is exhibited!

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