Saturday, April 9, 2022

Breaking You Off Something (Part Six)

 Check us out! it’s going down on this Saturday morning, once prime time for this blog!

The science dropped is appropriate for any time frame as we rebuke the ongoing mind games / the smoke and mirrors / fog

We’re breaking you off something, O-Dog will drop the beat while O-Zone will drop this good word!

Alter egos synchronized not like Vernon Jones, altered negroes caught up in Trump stolen election lies, and oh yes that insurrection occurred!

Some seem surprised as we put it down like this as we continue to get breakbeat scientific; we’re just trying to break you off something!

Some seem surprised we’re still out here, we still felt the pressure! that’s what it do! as long as we’re on earth there’s always going to be something!

Plots and schemes are devised to slow us down, some even faked the funk like Main Source mentioned, the scent absorbed me! the vibe changed.

Everything is not what it seems, exposed per the Spring Equinox? within springs first breath? the tribe changed. Everything is not what it seems! the seasons beauty is loved by some, others kept waiting in the dark saying tomorrow never comes. Residents of a forest of fake souls? O-Zone spotted how the fake rolls! negativity? they’ll succumb!

O-Dog aka O-Dizzle is fighting back with the drum! he’s breaking them off something!

The smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors sizzles the temperatures rising but O-Zone mentioned it’s still a cold world; there’s always going to be something!

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