Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Breaking You Off Something (Part Eight)

 We’re setting this HumpDay Extravaganza off early, we’re breaking you off something!

We’re trying to get over the hump! the vehicles used? we’re dropping this good word and the beats are bumping!

We’re breaking you off something! after observing the scene / doing the mathematics I’m usually acting erratic due to the ways of the world per Earth Wind and Fire but I’ll awaken to a new hope.

On this spring morning? I’ll ignore those that are “buking and scorning” your dude will be a beacon of hope. We’ll all cope; dealing with that and this so there won’t be a derailment! during the Cold War that’s trying to heat up due to Russian excursions into Ukraine those frosted memories will soon melt. We’ll all cope, per Obama we have the Audacity Of Hope as calm undisturbed winds blow, a perfect storm; peace is felt.

We’ll all cope, Rev. Jesse Jackson mentioned "down with dope up with hope" and I was like look here! a nugget was found so I’ll break you off something! it’s like some found the forgotten trinket! But it reminded them of when they went through something, it reminded them of a dark love burning bright. I was trying to break them off something but it was like I mentioned earlier; frosted memories remain, I mentioned the temperature earlier! it’s a cold world; a polar vortex is what I think it is! A blizzard replaced the calm undisturbed winds providing them a different kind of insight.

A wizard? O-Zones appetite was curbed he backed away from the buffet due to the veteran status, a retro futuristic mystic!

O-Dizzle continued to work it all out breaking you off something! this is what the deal is!

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