Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Catch Phrases and Cliches PT. 9 (Digging In The Crates)

A dude was using that catch phrase / cliche;  digging in the crates!! it's just like a coal miner rocking the hard hat with the lantern on top.

... Plus the lime green safety vest;  a dude couldn't rest until I set off the cosmic slop!!

Time traveling!! I couldn't rest!!  on the scene with Funkadelics but also coming with the next!  you know time doesn't stop. 

Retro- futuristic,  unraveling the mystery!!  excavating raw data because the madness never stopped.

Not amused by it, as the judge's gavel strikes up in Charlotte and North Charleston.

Some are confused by it!!  no justice no peace per Keith Lamont Scott and Walter Scott!!  but what did you expect son?

Some are confused by it!! after further inspection no justice no peace was the track supplied by O-Dog after digging in the crates... 

Analog? digital? it didn't matter he used it, along with that civil rights catch phrase / cliche, that's how a dude will play as he rebukes one that hates..

O-Dog? he'll get with ya per the digital crate digging,  but it ain't nothing nice as he skates on thin ice affected by global warming;  discussed by Al Gore with the Trumps..

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors? global warming hoax trumpeted earlier, so who'll work with ya? it's not the HumpDay Extravaganza but this dude continues to put work in, he humps..  

 Smoke Signals Sent Through The Smoke and Mirrors  as a dude executes a  sonic drive by /  dumps on  the enemy!! catch phrases / cliches mention the drive by  dominance in urban areas? 

Catch phrases / cliches?  Mistah Fab out in Oakland mentioned Ghost Ride the Whip but out in Oakland some perished on the Ghost Ship; rest in power, oh yes!!   game was peeped during the  Grey Area / Bay Area Scenarios...

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