Friday, December 9, 2016

Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles PT.7 (The Response To These and Those)

The saga / struggle continues!! what's on these menus? you'll be under siege like Aleppo,  damn!!  so who's responsible?  

The Brotha O-Zone will wax poetic concerning this!! rolling down I-20 in Atlanta listening to War's The World Is A Ghetto!! check out these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles. 

Danger zone business? from the get go,  I respond to these and those with these scriptures and mixtures.

Bass / treble and tone is adjusted!!  due to buying toner for the printer the budget is busted!!  now I just visualize these pictures. 

Visualizing the sequence!!  I see it's all game as I peep this like Trump tricking White Nationalists.

Getting breakbeat scientific? oh yes,  reality to blame so I remix it!!  but per thought and fashion police I face charges!!  I'm accused of being irrational with this. 

Some fake it to make it,  but the drama is local national international and intergalactic. 

A beat?  I'll break it!!  plus, per these Ebonics I damage the English language per the pain and anguish!!  acting erratic? 

The beat?  Jeru The Damaja type per DJ Premier!!  mathematics dropped are similar. 

We meet? who'll understand a brotha that'll  have another breakbeat scientific deal for ya? 

The streets?  they'll blow up, catching fire like the Ghost Ship out  in Oakland in District 5; that warehouse hadn't been inspected in 30 years!!

The sheets? filled with black and blue ink then transmitted by HP keyboards to this blog!! ghost with it when gunships fire on Hunger Games District 12; who's alive? these Breakbeat Scientific Chronicles are a by-product of the fears..

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