Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Holding Pattern PT.3 (The DMV Showcase)

What it do? the story is unfolding as we speak,  per TV reporter lingo.

Once in holding patterns  per Delta flights to DC at Reagan National Airport and on return flights to Atlanta's Hartsfield Jackson Airport, but who's fair in the sport?  my Mexican friends said not a Donald Trump wall building type of gringo. 

O-Dizzle is holding it down,  beating drums like Ringo Starr,  as the system continues to raise the bar. 

What's the dizzle? farmworkers said Boycott Driscolls, meanwhile holding patterns occur in the DMV  due to  pistols per Westfield Montgomery Mall and Aspen Hills shootings!! afterwards?  dude was posted up at Boston Market in the Hyundai Elantra,   Eulalio Tordil didn't get far. 

Holding patterns occur out there in the field,  understand me?  y'all don't hear me,  as some took a loss, they can't go to the market: from the ATL to the DMV those robbing and looting raise the bar. 

Holding patterns occur out there in the field!!  some blame it on Mercury retrograde in Taurus!! this Mercury transit is considered unusual, but for the sport that's par. 

Recognize the pattern!! what's up cuz? Tiger Woods played the sport below par before he started pimping. 

It's tight in these hoods from the ATL to the DMV,  please believe me!!  it's not a simple thing

Right goods and services?  failing to swerve with this?  I observed these dudes standing out in front of federal buildings,  begging for money.

 Right goods and services?  my sister was ready to leave the District to move back to Norfolk,  but caught up in the system / matrix trying to make this money. 

Caught up in a holding pattern?  District 12 and 13 were attack zones per Hunger Games Peacekeepers,  doing the Capitol's bidding. 

Caught up in a holding pattern like the GOP /  Paul Ryan dissing Donald Trump?  who else is doing the Capitols bidding?

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