Friday, May 20, 2016

I Checked The Clock: I Moved On PT.4 (The Resurgence)

Bear witness to the state of emergency,  as rockets red glare and bombs burst in the air. 

Fitness?  mental and physical is tested, the Lord blessed it!!  but like the shooting at the White House sirens blare like I was in the DMV per the showcase!!  love or war isn't fair. 

Fast or slow in the race?  we kept on running!!  like Russell Westbrook we kept on gunning!!

Fast or slow in the race?  or just a crook trying to roll seven in the crap game, while  others were humming and bumming?

Crooks were exterminated with Sevin,  plans intercepted / hacked on Signaling System Seven

Crooks catch a fair one, spies poisoned with Sarin, but check the clock for the resurgence; I moved on!!  Doug E Fresh rising to the top / all the way to heaven. 

Crooks truth or dare one while we're emerging out of the darkness!!  others were still waiting, they're  Trump vs Clinton NRA issue debating, per presidential candidates.

Checked the clock /  now I moved on!! check the resurgence / who'll work with this?  maybe somebody will understand it. 

Checked the clock /  now I moved on!! check the resurgence!! the mothership landed even though there was turbulence..

Hustle were knocked when we tried to get our groove on!! being built or torn down? a debatable circumstance?  

These brothas still rocked per checking the clock; we moved on, check the resurgence!!

It's easy to crash like EgyptAir 804, may they rest in peace check the score: who'll work with this?

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