Friday, May 27, 2016

I Checked The Clock : I Moved On PT.5 (So, It's Like This?)

When will the madness cease? I spotted the long line!!  punishment gluttons increase in numbers.

No justice no peace is the slogan per #StaywokeBET ;   like Donald Trump winning, others in astonishment press buttons on calculators /  IBM or HP keyboards trying to run the numbers.

Another slumbers, what's up with those / these? some fell asleep in class, now an unexplained phenomena with mad hits on Google and You Tube.

Meanwhile the brotha O-Dog drops funky numbers, while O-Zone survives!! he figures the cipher out!! but complex like rubix cube.

In the smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors I checked the clock, realized it was time to move on, but oppostition is met.. per Donald Trump vs Bernie Sanders shady dealing some challenge my .

I  had to get my groove on!!  Baby Baby Baby! Per James Brown;  I got that feeling!  I'm Not Through dealing!
I had to move on, it was hard to get down in some of these spots!!   I was reeling due to mood swings!! how did the opposition play? internal and external attacks were rules of the game...

I had to move on, it was hard to get down in some of these spots!! some of them need to be shut down like the Olympic Games.. in Rio de Janeiro due to the Zika virus,  plus plots and schemes spread like a virus!! damn!! now I'm pulled back into the game:  it's crunch time. 

Check the clock, check the scenario! fools in the game slack, they'll  ask about lunch time. 

Checked the clock; I had a hunch, now going for mine, this dude had to move on...

Check out how we rock!! now going for mine, this dude had to get his groove on..

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